Building a new Gentoo MythTV backend

After a few of years of fairly intensive use I am migrating a MythTV backend from a rather creaky and increasingly unstable Pentium 4 to a shiny new Core i3 530 based box. I was quite impressed with Phoronix's Linux benchmarks of the CPU. The performance of the integrated GPU will help too since this box is destined to run an HD frontend at some point.

It's been a while since I last set up a Gentoo box from scratch and thought I'd give the Gentoo Quick Install a go rather than the LiveCD. The i3's Hyper-Threading support meant that the boot was graced with a 4 penguin salute and I was pleasantly surprised by the performance.

When partitioning the 1TB drive I settled on the following layout, setting aside /dev/sda5 as a future amd64 root partition.

   /dev/sda1	/boot		256MB	ext2
   /dev/sda2	swap		2GB	swap
   /dev/sda3	/		100GB	ext3
   /dev/sda5	[amd64]		100GB	ext3
   /dev/sda6	/mnt/mythtv	729GB	xfs

I diverged from the install guide in a few places. When the gentoo-sources kernel download threatened to take more than a couple of hours I performed the mirror-select step early and portage pulled it from a local mirror. I prefer using genkernel and, setting MAKEOPTS="-j5", this and the emerge world steps took next to no time.

The backend is now up and recording and the next step is to promote it to master backend status and get the frontend working.

posted by James Gemmell on Tue, 20 Apr 2010 at 09:17 | permalink | tags: gentoo, linux, mythtv