Linux DVB resources

This is a list of sites I found useful while setting up a Debian Linux system for use as a Video Disk Recorder and router for satellite broadband.

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Debian GNU/Linux on the Dell Latitude C400

This document started off early in 2002 when I installed Redhat 7.2 on the C400. I've been through several Redhat versions since 3.0.3 but, after enduring a hard disk crash, I decided for a number of reasons that Debian was the way to go.

Disclaimer: This document comes with no guarantees. The steps I followed worked for me but may not necessarily work for you or your hardware.


Debian 3.0r1 Woody
recompiled 2.4.18 kernel
no Windows installation (see later)
1x 256Mb RAM
Crystal 4205 audio
3c905C-TX FastEthernet adapter (built-in)
10Gb Toshiba MK1517GAP
TrueMobile 1150 wireless (optional)


Partitioning the disk

The replacement drive was empty. The first step was to create a 768Mb save-to-disk (s2d) partition using mks2d.exe on the disk from Dell. The reason for choosing this size is that I intend adding another 512Mb RAM at some point in the future. Dell recommends that you set it up as 768Mb * 1.01 + 4Mb on the first partition so it's at a little over 800Mb now.

/dev/hda2 is set up as 50Mb boot partition (probably overkill here) and the remainder the root partition. No swap partition required at this stage as I've found swapfiles to be quite adequate in the past.

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